Award-winning trends expert and analyst for trial testimony and research reports.
Privacy Consultants

Get feedback and insight from a Fortune 500 privacy and data privacy consulting leader.

Data Privacy Experts

Trial testimony, export reports, and market research that corporate leaders trust.

Industry Advisers

Legal consulting and research services, including custom studies, exhibits, and reports.

Privacy Expert Witness: World-Famed Data Privacy Leader

Leading business intelligence, expert testimony, and market research provider to today's top brands.

Data Privacy Consulting and Research

A noted privacy expert witness and bestselling author of cybersecurity and innovation books who’s been hailed as the World’s Leading Business Strategist, Scott Steinberg serves as a data and data privacy consultant to the world’s biggest businesses and brands. From privacy protection, security, IP, and trademark evaluation to issues with identity theft and breach of contract, he can help you make complex matters simple.

The world's biggest companies and brands look to our custom research and expert witness testimony.
Privacy expert and security consulting for firms of every size.

Data and privacy expert witnesses available on-demand.

Serving as data pivacy expert witnesses and business consultants for Fortune 500 leaders, we provide research and testimony on-demand. For industry analysis you can count on, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Looking for data privacy expert witnesses to provide trial testimony? Consulting advisers to weigh in on data collection matters? Drop us a line now!

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Privacy Experts

From data privacy issues to security concerns, find out how to stay ahead of digital dangers.


Market Researchers

Discover the latest in data privacy, identity protection and data collection trends and developments.


Consulting Pros

From cybersecurity to identity theft and issues with breach of contract, we can help.


Expert Witnesses

Data collection, storage, and privacy experts stand ready to assist with your legal matter.

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